Breaking a mirror

Yesterday I managed to break a medium sized mirror that is meant to hang in my hallway – no I am not superstitious. What is really annoying about this is that I need to go and buy a replacement mirror, it’s not difficult but it does entail a trip to Ikea.

The idea that breaking mirrors means bad luck comes from the Romans, who were among the first to make mirrors. They believed that somehow when looking in the mirror you saw a part of yourself, part of your soul – not only a reflection.This also explains why vampires don’t have reflections in mirrors since they have no souls.

And if you broke the mirror then parts of you would be trapped in the shards. The reason it was seven years of bad luck lies in the belief that the soul regenerates every seven years.

photo: Antiques by Jean Ruaud (CC by-nc-nd)

Well I am not superstitious but I still need to get a ride to Ikea.

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