Exit Turkey

It’s the last day and my bags are half-packed. Yesterday I managed to spend a couple of hours in Istanbul and to take in some of the more obvious sites, experience the feel of the city and to generally be a tourist. Naturally there was no time for any longer exploration it was more a case of following the advice on this t-shirt I saw in the beginning of the week.


The tour included notable sites like the Galata Tower, the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia and the Grand Bazaar. All of which are incredible and leave a desire for further exploration. But I guess I should not complain as I was not even sure that I would finf the time to see any of the sights.


The amazing Blue Mosque

Naturally there was a lot of people and culture watching and I even managed to find street art in Istanbul – it is very familiar and only goes to show that globalisation even entails a certain level of cultural uniformity – even in relation to counter cultures. I will put more Istabul street art on my Flickr site.


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