Flickr down, the world mourns

Okay so maybe we aren’t mourning but we sure miss flickr. The amazing picture site Flickr recently passed 4 000 000 000 images. But today is unwell and is not available online. Here is news from the flickr blog post: Here thar be dragons…

10:05 AM PDT: We’re still here working on getting things up and serving to you, shouldn’t be too much longer!

9:18 AM, PDT: Hello! All hands are on deck over here and we’re still working on getting things back up for everyone. Apologies for the disruption!

8:51 AM, PDT: Ahoy everyone! Flickr is experiencing problems at the present time, and our engineers are all in the main engine room, working on resolving the issue. Please hang tight, and we’ll have things back for you as soon as possible. If we need to, we’ll post an update for you here.

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