Free Knowledge

Let me begin by admitting that I really cannot stand working out to music. It bores me to no end. Particularly if I am running, if the wrong song shows up I just lose the will to jog.

Sad as I am I really enjoy listening to lectures while working out. Sad I know. That’s why I really become happy when I find more free courses online. This happiness increased when I came across 250 new course online (via PhilosophyBytes)  after browsing a few minutes I was already downloading:

  • HannibaliTunes – Patrick Hunt, Stanford.
  • Introduction to NonviolenceiTunesStream Audio and Video – Michael Nagler, UC Berkeley
  • GlobalizationiTunesFeedMP3s – Robert Acker, UC Berkeley
  • European Civilization, 1648-1945 – iTunes – YouTube – Download Course – John Merriman, Yale
  • The Roman EmpireiTunesFeedMP3s – Isabelle Pafford, UC Berkeley
  • Theories of Law and SocietyiTunesFeed – David Lieberman, UC Berkeley
  • History of InformationiTunesFeed – Paul Duguid, UC Berkeley

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