Information Science and Social Media

TGIF! It’s not that this week has been heavier than usual but it is nice to have the weekend to unwind and … well let’s be honest work on a paper that’s due soon. Sad but true.

The good news is that next week its time for ISSOME (Information Science and Social Media) in Turku, Finland. Check out the program. The papers look really good:

– Behavioural Traces and Indirect User-to-User Mediation in the Participatory Library / Lennart Björneborn

– How to study social media practises in converging library spaces. Making the case for deploying co-presence ethnography in studies of 2.0-libraries / Hanna Carlsson

– Implications of the Web 2.0 Technologies for Public Libraries intending to Facilitate Alternative Public Discourse / Leif Kajberg

– Geo-encoding of local services and information: / Samppa Rohkimainen

– The use of social media technologies in the work practices of information professionals / Sally Burford

– Examining the use of Internet and social media among men at military conscription age / Heidi Enwald, Noora Hirvonen and Tim Luoto

– To Inform or to Interact, that is the question: The role of Freedom of Information in Social Media Policies / Mathias Klang and Jan Nolin

– Designing Games for Testing Information Behavior Theories / J. Tuomas Harviainen

– Critical about clustering of tags: An intersectional perspective on folksonomies / Isto Huvila and Kristin Johannesson

– The creation of a personal space on the Internet: self presentation and self-disclosure in blogging / Jenny Bronstein

– On social media and document theory: an exploratory and conceptual study / Olle Sköld

– Linguistic and Cultural Differences in Content Management – Indexing and titling in multilingual and multicultural blogosphere / Susanna Nykyri

– Writing for Wikipedia as a learning task in the school’s information literacy instruction / Eero Sormunen, Leeni Lehtio and Jannica Heinström

– The Use of Weblogs and Microblogs in LIS Online Courses: A Case Study / Lu Xiao and Diane Neal

– Teaching social media in LIS: a bridging approach / Monica Lassi and Hanna Maurin Söderholm

– A Community-based Learning Approach towards Training Librarian 2.0 / Lu Xiao

– Author disambiguation for enhanced science-2.0 services / Jeffrey Demaine

– A Comparison of Different User-Similarity Measures as Basis for Research and Scientific Cooperation / Tamara Heck

– WikiLeaks Comments: A Qualitative Investigation / Noa Aharony

Looking for Love in All the Right Places: Defining Success in the World of Online Dating / Christopher Mascaro, Rachel Magee and Sean Goggins

Anyone know what to do in Turku? Anything that shouldn’t be missed?

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