London Snaps

Time flies. Actually I think it leaks away like water in a rusty bucket. Anyway I was intending to put some of my London pictures online when I got back but I seem to have been rushing around with no time at all. Days where my calender has looked deceptively empty have turned out to be full of stuff that needs to be done. Anyway here is a limited selection of my pictures.

The first is a picture of a Crazy Frog doll. I get the impression that it is more a dropped dolly than a statement but I do like the fact that the person who picked it up has placed it on the rim of a dustbin – somehow profetic of the move from obscurity to fame to obscurity again.

This is followed by a series of street art – the yellow rat was on a lamp post on Oxford Street

The next one was an interesting mix of shapes and colours, making the end result a collaborative work of art.

This stencil of two men was in a quite alley just off Tottenham Court Road.

The last one is significant of the lack of media plurality and was written in chalk on a newsagents box and bears the text “One source isn’t choice”

Not sure if the collection is representative – but it is what cought my eye when I was walking around.

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