Middlemen Wanted

Cheaper computers, better software, more intuitive software, the net, cheaper and faster connectivity have all worked together to make interesting audio and video content available at no cost. In addition to this the Creative Commons licensing system has provided a support for those who want to both share and maintain some control over their content.

The problem is that there is too much content online. It’s disorganized and hard to find. All this opens up an exciting niche for the middleman. Someone who will trawl the internet looking for content worthy of listeners and viewers. Naturally these middlemen have already appeared and are able to recommend good content for those of us who want but lack the time and inclination to attempt to find and wade through all the less interesting stuff.

BlocSonic is one such middleman and they (or he/she) have now released their “Volume 4: Soundtrack for the coming revolution“. They write:

Once again, we’ve got a terrific collection of 10 tracks culled from the wide world of net audio. In this one we feature one from ccMixter, a couple from Jamendo and others from various netlabels. Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Unplugged Electronica, Post-Rock, Indie Rock, Drum & Bass are all represented. So download it, give it a listen, contact us and leave feedback. If you’d like, we’d love it if you leave a review at netBloc Vol. 4’s archive.org page.

It’s surprising that these services have not been more widespread. Or maybe it’s just because I have not found them earlier. Here is volume 4:

01 – Sun Zoo – New Pirates (featuring DJ HDL)

02 – Maniax Memori – It’s Not Jazzz

03 – Dirge – Phone

04 – deutscheunschuld – Just One Night (DU Remix Edit) (Featuring Vocals by Jeremy Carr)

05 – You Are My Everything – Can You Feel What It Takes?

06 – Bersarin Quartett – St. Petersburg

07 – Lucas CK – Tu cries

08 – Crepusculum – A Sheltered Life (Herzog Reprise)

09 – BSK – October

10 – L’Onomatopeur – Pour Petite Tete

(via the Creative Commons blog)

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