Photography galleries

For some reason this week my online world has been heavy on some really cool photo galleries. Richard Ross has really creepy book on the way in which architecture can be used to control people The book Architecture of Authority is creepy not only because it shows your typical jail cells, detainment rooms and even images from Guantanamo – it’s creepy for the pictures of more ordinary locations like schools and offices. Check out the online exhibition here.

Photo: Richard Ross

A second online gallery is Mr Toledano’s Bankrupt is pictures taken of empty offices. Moving stuff with beauty to be found in the small things. Or as Toledano puts it: “everywhere I went I found signs of life, interrupted”

Photo: Mr Toledano

A third gallery is Joseph Holmes’ Workspace which as the title suggests is pictures of peoples workspaces – good voyeuristic stuff. Just the kind of photo essay I enjoy.

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