Random Knowledge

Just found a great way of learning something new in a random way.

Go to “wikipedia.” Hit “random” (or click http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random) This is what I got:

G?o Qípeì (???) (1660-1734) was born in Jiangxi to a family with Manchurian connections. He had success as an official in southern China, but is best known today as a painter. He initially gained reputation as an artist who did landscapes and figures in traditional style. By age twenty he became known as an eccentric who preferred using his fingers instead of a brush. This style had precedents as Zhang Zhao also preferred finger painting, but G?o Qípeì went further. He grew his fingernails long to make them more effect instruments and used his entire hand to create a highly individualized style. (wikipedia)

Cool! Interesting guy and a fun way to discover something new.

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