Reality based business models

Not sure where I read or heard it but recently I came across this:

it used to be that a band toured to promote an album, but now they release an album to promote a tour

This is really the essence of the way in which new media habits are changing the behaviors and business models of the music industry. You can blame it on the pirates, you can blame it on the technology but in the end placing blame doesn’t get you anywhere. Realizing the reality of the market does get you somewhere.

Take for example the indie band Sick of Sarah who have teamed up with BitTorrent (via Torrentfreak)

Last month the punky girl-rock band Sick of Sarah decided to release their latest album ’2205′ to the public on BitTorrent, at no cost. In order to gain maximum exposure the band partnered with BitTorrent Inc. who helped to promote the free download through an app in the uTorrent BitTorrent client.

The album has now broken records and been downloaded a million times.

Success in any field must come first from an acceptance and understanding of the realities of the world. Expecting or hoping to keep the world mired in outdated realities and dead dogmas is inevitably going to fail.

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