Royal expenses go up – royal marriage anounced

Paying for your own wedding is expensive, paying for your childrens weddings is probably even more expensive but paying for someone else’s wedding is just plain stupid. So why on earth should people claim to be happy when the crown princess is going to marry her boyfriend?

Personally I have always considered myself as a disinterested royalist. Who cares if there is a king but since we have one why bother to change the system? I doubt that any other system would be more cost efficient or cheaper. There is the democratic deficit of course but then again the Swedish king has no power – so how much of a loss for democracy can it be?

But now that we have a royal wedding in the future it makes me think… The family is wealthy enough to pay for their own damn party. If not then they may want to think about some cash saving tips and ideas just like other poor slobs. But what really pisses me off is that the state will have to provide extra funds for the police, the foreign office, the royal family, department of transport, department of sanitation etc etc

So basically, to the couple: I would congratulate you on your upcoming wedding if I didn’t have to pay for a party that I am not invited to… And no! being a spectator to the event does not count. Get married on your own time and money.

Vive la republic!

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