Royal Society Seminal Papers

The Royal Society has done something cool again. They have created a new interactive timeline to celebrate the 350th anniversary year of the Royal Society. But this is not the cool part. The site will have 60 of the most important articles from the oldest scientific journal Philosophical Transactions (this is literally a drop in their huge ocean of 60,000 published since the journal first began in 1665).

Highlights include:

• The gruesome account of an early blood transfusion (1666)
• Captain James Cook’s explanation of how he protected his crew from scurvy aboard HMS Resolution (1776)
• Stephen Hawking’s early writing on black holes (1970)
• Benjamin Franklin’s account of flying a kite in a storm to identify the electrical nature of lightning – the Philadelphia Experiment (1752)
• Sir Isaac Newton’s landmark paper on the nature of light and colour (1672)
• A scientific study of a young Mozart confirming him as a musical child genius (1770)
• The Yorkshire cave discovery of the fossilized remains of elephant, tiger, bear and hyena heralding the study of deep time (1822)

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