Wikipedia Academy

On Wednesday and Thursday I will be attending the first Wikipedia Academy in Lund Sweden. The event will be spread over 1,5 days and deal with many different aspects of Wikipedia as a phenomenon and as a tool for research and teaching. The conference has brought together the Swedish Wikimedia group who will hold practical workshops and several different scholars to discuss issues as far ranging as trustworthiness of the sources, the inclusion debate and legal issues.

It should be a very interesting meeting…

so long and thanks for all the fish

As some of you may or may not be aware my time at the University of Lund is drawing to a close. Where does a year fly to? Anyway my bags are packed and I have moved back to Göteborg. I have a couple of guest appearances left in the south of Sweden but in reality my time in Lund is over. On the bright side of the equation is that I will be spending a lot less time on trains. Well actually this may not be entirely true since I seem to have agreed to more than my fair share of trips.
Speaking of fish… here is some of the scary fish I savored in Lund…

Serving.JPG by Wrote

Serving by Wrote