Great idea: Nordic Techpolitics

Thanks to the hard work of people like Bente Kalsnes the first Nordic Techpolitics conference will be held in Oslo on Friday 2 September. The event

…is a must-attend conference for everyone interested in how technology is changing politics, government and societies in the Nordic countries.


Technological changes affect every aspects of society, and institutions and policy makers are struggling to catch up with the latest tools and possibilities. This conference will explore how we can use technology to improve politics and governance, increase participation and create smarter solutions in everyday life. We will also peek into some of the dark sides of how technology is changing society for worse.

Expect to learn about how transparency, innovation and collaboration are the driving forces for change in modern societies.

Check out the schedule here.

GoOpen Oslo

On the train to Norway to participate in GoOpen in Oslo. My talk is entitled Limiting the Open Society here is the abstract

With social media quickly becoming the communications tool of choice many have hailed this as an introduction to an open transparent society. But how open is this open society? Is this new stage in the information society really open or is this an illusion brought about by popular technology? This talk looks at the weaknesses and control mechanisms built into the technology and the different regulations and policies implemented to control our communications.

The GoOpen event has lots of great presenters! I am looking forward to hearing Bente Kalsnes on How open should open data be?, Karin Kosina on Art and Hacking in Syria, Berglind Ósk Bergsdóttir on IMMI – Redefining Free Speech for a Digital Age, Smári McCarthy on The Industrialization of the Internet, Primavera di Filippi on Cloud Computing and Regulatory Policies, Christian Siefkes on Commons-based Peer Production and many many more.

So if you are in the neighborhood you should really drop by!

FSCONS @ GoOpen in Oslo

FSCONS is taking to the road! Having been in Gothenburg for the last four years, we felt like spreading our wings a bit to see how far they take us. The 22nd-23rd of March, we’ll be in Oslo to give a very special FSCONS track at the GoOpen 2011 conference organised by the Norwegian Open Source Competence Center. In traditional FSCONS spirit, we’ll mix, match, and find topics that express the convergence of technology, society and culture.

Time and date: 22nd of March 09.30-21.00 and 23rd of March 09.00-15.30 Where: Oslo (Radisson SAS Scandinavia, Holbergs plass) check out the Program and Registration.

Speakers from Germany, Iceland, Austria, Sweden, France and Norway itself will express their thoughts and ideas in 12 sessions running in parallel in the same place and time as the rest of the GoOpen program. Of particular interest for FSCONS participants might be the sessions taking place also in the technical track, which include previous years Nordic Free Software Award winner Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson talking about PageKite and Evan Prodromou talking about StatusNet.

Speakers joining us for the FSCONS track are:

* Pippa Buchanan on Community Learning On Demand & The Future
Of The Web Is Made By You

* Primavera di Filippi on Cloud Computing and Regulatory Policies
* Mathias Klang on Limiting the Open Society
* Bjørn Ruberg on Fighting a distributed denial of service attack
* Karin Kosina on Art and Hacking in Syria
* Smári McCarthy on The Industrialization of the Internet
* Berglind Ósk Bergsdóttir on the Icelandic Modern Media Institute (link not up yet)
* Christian Siefkes on Commons-based Peer Production
* Bente Kalsnes on journalism and open data (link not up yet)
* Stian Rødven Eide on Evolution of the Free Software Ecosystem
* Jonas Öberg on Cloudberries in Culture – Nordic Creativity in Focus

The program runs during the morning and early afternoon on both days. Just before lunch on the 23rd of March, we’ll open the floor to lightning talks, run jointly with the technical track. If you are interested in giving a presentation during the lightning session, you should contact to express your interest. Please note that the lightnings will be limited to 1-2 minutes in length.

Stallman talks in Oslo

This is a bit of a late heads up but is interesting if you happen to be in Oslo this evening. Richard Stallman will give a talk on “Copyright vs. Community in the Age of Computer Networks – Free software and beyond” at Storsalen, Chateau Neuf (Slemdalsveien 15), Oslo. He will be introduced by Gisle Hannemyr from the Department of Informatics, Gisle will also lead the discussion after the talk.

For those who are not able to leave our screens more information about video streaming is available here.