Public Platforms & Anonymity – The Video

Here is the video from the talk I gave at Upenn.

On November 19th CGCS Visting Scholar Mathias Klang explored the connection between anonymity and political participation, the growing dependence on social networks for political speech, and the balance between a sites terms of use and promoting democratic participation.

What happens to works when they fall into the public domain?

This is a “wishing I was there post. So if you are anywhere near to London on 23 of March then I recommend the seminar/lecture “What happens to works when they fall into the public domain?”

This is from The 1709 Blog

…the seminar on this question, which it trailed here, now has a venue.  To refresh memories, the speaker is blog team member Jeremy’s friend, Professor Paul J. Heald, of the University of Georgia Law School, who presents some of his thoughts and — more importantly — the fruits of some of his own research.

The date of the seminar is Wednesday 23 March and it will be hosted in the lovely, airy room up on the sixth seventh floor of Olswang LLP’s offices at 90 High Holborn, London.  Registration begins at 5pm; the seminar starts at 5.30pm and, following questions and discussion, will end by 7pm.  Refreshments will be provided.

Admission to this seminar is free. To register, email Jeremy here and let him know (using the subject line ‘Heald Reg’).

Open Access & Scientific Publication in Malmö

Tomorrow I am off to Malmö to give a copyright & Creative Commons presentation at a seminar on Open Access and Scientific Publication. This should be an interesting event (not because I am there) because the speakers are an interesting group concerned with increasing accessiblity to scientific publication. Judging from the amount of registered participants it should be a good meeting. I am looking forward to the trip.