I love slutty used books

It’s wrong, but I can’t help it, I found this line really funny:

“Used books are the sluts of the literary world, passed around from person to person spreading their pages for anyone. Getting cheaper and cheaper until they eventually end up in prison”

The quote comes from Stephen Colbert having a justifiable rant against Amazon over their behavior in the Hachette book negotiations.

Actually I love used books. Aside from the amazing concept of being able to get quality work at almost no cost they also present us with several emotions.

The 80 year old book of inferior poetry I picked up in a sale always fills me with sadness because of the hopes and aspirations of the author. The several books with the same ad libris always makes me wonder if I only could have met the owner of this library and spent an evening talking about our shared interests. The lovely little novel I bought in a small town in Sweden makes me think I rescued it like a stray cat.

Most of all I like the small cryptic notes other people write in books. Everything from exclamation marks, angry question marks to words and sentences agreeing or arguing with the author and now being passed along to me.

Here is the entire clip

Another example of slutiness in literature is this