Vulnerable IT Society

The whole neighborhood is suddenly pitched into blackness. A major power failure has killed even the street lamps. Thanks to my liking for candles and mobile broadband I still have some connection to the outside world beyond the blackness but it is interesting to see how vulnerable the IT society has become. I have candles to last the night but my laptop will only manage two hours. People are outside on balconies talking on their mobile phones and even walking outside with torches – or probably with the light on their phones.

An interesting experience not common in the safety first Scandinavia.

The Vulnerable IT Society

The formalities are cleared and I will be responsible for a new course at Göteborg University begining after summer. The course “The Vulnerable IT Society” (Det sårbara IT-samhället) will be in Swedish and there is some more information here.

Naturally the new course already has a blog which will focus on the vulnerabilities of the information technology society. So basically I am looking for students, bloggers and general interest in the subject – but all in Swedish this time.

Facebook and Suicide

A British psychiatrist addressing the Royal College of Psychiatrists states that Facebook can increase the likelihood that teenagers will kill themselves

It may be possible that young people who have no experience of a world without online societies put less value on their real world identities and can therefore be at risk in their real lives, perhaps more vulnerable to impulsive behaviour or even suicide.

A paranoid, luddite psychiatrist – who would have guessed?

(via Infocult)