Talk, talk, talk, talk

Its been a long week. It isn’t over yet but tomorrow is the last day and I must say that I am glad. The reason for the “thank god it’s Friday” attitude is because this week I have managed to become tired of my own voice.

Most students see the work of a university lecturer as being comprised of standing in class lecturing. Few people (or students – even though students are people too) realize that the main part of the lecturers work is not actually giving lectures. This is actually a good thing too. Giving lectures is an intense activity. Preparation is a heavy part but the thing that really does it is the delivery. Being able to deliver a lecture is all about personality, attitude and presence. But giving good lectures also takes a lot of energy. Expending this energy affects the ability to carry out mental work – especially after the lecture.

This week has been especially heavy. On Monday I gave three lectures in Stockholm: Basic Copyright, Digital Copyright and Creative Commons. Basic copyright was supposed to be done by someone else but he called in sick at the last moment. Leaving me to step up. Tuesday was regulation of technology in Lund. Wednesday – No lectures, phew! Today was Copyright in Lund. Finally tomorrow is Digital Copyright in Göteborg. Different audiences and audience types every time.

Right now I am resting for tomorrows gig. In reality I am tired of my own voice. I want to be inspired and inspiring tomorrow. Even though I have heard myself too many times this week it is all news to the audience.

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