Technology too far

Technology is fun and often frustrating but for me the most frustrating element of technology are touch screens and automatic sensors. The reason for this is that they never seem to work properly when I am around. As a result I stand in public restrooms pointlessly waiving my hands under the tap and hoping for water. Or standing in line at for train tickets only to attempt to attempt to input my wishes on a touch screen that adamantly insists that I am not here.

Its not like I have not tried different strategies to attempt to fool the technology in question. My cooker at home is based on touch screen technology so I know what I am talking about. But the cooker at home is not as embarrassing as all the public technology and in particular not being able to work the technology available in the men’s room.  The last area is also more than mildly disturbing from a hygienic point of view when I think about others who cannot wash their hands.

I want a return to knobs and switches, taps and real buttons so I will not look like such a fool in public. So! From a hygiene point of view I demand a return to the more primitive technology! Call me a luddite if you want, but all I want to do is to be able to wash my hands in the bathroom…

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