The best laid plans…

So at the beginning of the New Year I decided to plan, or at least, organize myself. As soon as I managed to define a vague plan of action I got sciatic pains that prevented me from working for a longer period of 10 minutes at a time. Then, today on the first real day of work – feeling a bit better and ready for action I readied myself for an intense morning of writing only to be reminded that I was due to give a lecture (I had forgotten).

After the lecture and a foodless lunch break I was interviewed by a PhD student writing her thesis on PhD academic bloggers. The result of the lecture and sitting still during the interview was the return of lower back pain.

Eventually realizing it was time to give up attempts to work I left and went to the gym for a yoga class – a great way to fix the ache in my back. Very relaxing.

So despite the best laid plans no real amount of work was produced… ah well there is always tomorrow.

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