Digital Media & Advocacy

(DTEM3475) Fall19 Readings & Material. Syllabus is here.

A little technology

A good booklet on how many of our fundamental technologies work is McNamee et al, How the Internet Works: A guide for policy-makers. European Digital Rights. Also check out Julien Hopkins: How to Define Social Media – An Academic Summary.

The Internet: Wires, Cables & Wifi –

Zeynep Tufekci, “Is The Internet Good or Bad? Yes.”

Badalge (2017) Our phones make us feel like social-media activists, but they’re actually turning us into bystanders Quartz

Aaron Smith (Pew Research Center), “Civic Engagement in the Digital Age.”

The Digital CultureSHIFT: From Scale to Power.

Marisa Franco, B. Loewe and Tania Unzueta, “How We Make Change is Changing: Open Source Campaigns for the 21st Century”  and

Public Space & Civil Disobedience

Thoreau (1849) Civil Disobedience

King (1963) Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Episode #083 Henry David Thoreau –

Civil Disobedience –

Thoreau and Civil Disobedience –

Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail –

Is The Internet a Public Place? –

Magro (2017) Australians don’t loiter in public space – the legacy of colonial control by design The Conversation

Social Movements

Wikipedia Entry for Social Movements

Social movements | Society and Culture | MCAT | Khan Academy –

Jeremy Heimans & Henry Timms, “Understanding New Power”

Growing participatory and deliberative democracy animation (2010)

Evgeny Morozov, “Why Social Movements Should Ignore Social Media”

How online social movements translate to offline results

Networks of Outrage and Hope – Manuel Castells


History Brief: The Temperance Movement

Women in the 19th Century: Crash Course US History #16

Women’s Movement USA – 1950s-60s

Documentary on Women’s Liberation Movement

How We Got Gay (Full Documentary)

What you need to know about the gay rights movement

The new frontier of LGBTQ civil rights, explained


Coates, T. “The case for reparations. The Atlantic June.” (2014).

Ross, Janell. “How Black Lives Matter moved from a hashtag to a real political force.” The Washington Post (2015).

“Our Demand is Simple: Stop Killing Us”

“How Black Lives Matter moved from a hashtag to a real political force”

“When Black Lives Matter Met Clinton: Activists Speak Out on Challenging Candidate over Crime Record

Black Lives Matter Organizer Explains Movement To Older White Americans Using Sailing Metaphors

Stay Woke: The Black Lives Matter Movement documentary (2016)


Fault Lines – History of an occupation

History of Environmentalism

How Rachel Carson Launched The Environmental Movement

A History of the Green Movement in Europe |

Chicano! PBS Documentary Fighting For Political Power

The Chicano Movement In Texas – NHD Documentary

National History Day 2018 – Centuries of Broken Treaties: The American Indian Movement

Turning point in US anti-war movement

The 20th Century: Vietnam Protest Movement

Protests & Riots

Zoot Suit Riots: Causes and Riots

Rodney King Beating LA Riots TV Special with Mike Wallace

50 years on, a look back at the Watts riots

Detroit 1967: When a city went up in flames

Tulsa Race Massacre

What Caused the Atlanta Race Riots?

The Civil War Draft Riots (Documentary)


Semiotics: Making Meaning from Signs, Symbols, Icons, Index | LittleArtTalks

Nicholas Christakis: The hidden influence of social networks

Identity Theory vs. Social Identity Theory


Technological Control

Will Oremus, “Who Controls Your Facebook Feed”

Alex Hern, “Google ‘bug’ buries competitors Yelp and TripAdvisor”

Adam Ruins Everything – Why Partisan Politics Have Been on the Rise since the 1960’s

Is America More Divided Than Ever?