What men die of

Came across this over at Tcritic where Karl writes “I think this is an incredibly interesting graphic that would make a stellar T-Shirt. Unfortunately I have no idea of the origin, does anyone know what designer did this?” Contact him if you know the answer.

It is a great graphic representation which leaves (or creates) many questions. I wonder if the numbers are correct and what are the corresponding numbers for women? 47 men die of diving into shallow water?

what men die of

what men die of

UPDATE: The designer of the graphic is Julia Hoffman for Mens Health magazine.

The Science of Death

A new podcast from the University of Bath. This time it’s Professor Allan Kellehear from the Centre for Death & Society at the University of Bath talking about the point of death and organ retention in a lecture called The science of death. From the blurb:

The research literature about ‘brain death’ is characterised by biomedical, bioethical and legal writing. This has led to overlooking wider but no less pertinent social, historical and cultural understandings about death. By ignoring the work of other social and clinical colleagues in the study of dying, the literature on the determination of death has become unnecessarily abstract and socially disconnected from parallel concerns about death and dying. These circumstances foster incomplete suggestions and narrow discussions about the nature of death as well as an ongoing misunderstanding of general public and health care staff responses to brain death criteria. I outline these problems through a review of the key literature on the determination of death.