What I talk about when I talk about my teaching

Take a look at the courses I teach and their syllabi. Here are examples of my lecture slides. Then there is a page with a growing collection of writing resources. There is also a page on the importance of not plagiarizing and using correct citation in plagiarism and how to cite.

I want everyone in my classrooms to feel like they are able, and have the right, to engage. Sometimes its a difficult so I am implementing this inclusivity policy to create an encouraging learning environment.

There is even a resource filled with information about the ways in which students can avoid annoying faculty unnecessarily (it includes a smashing guide on how to email your professor).

The link to classroom thoughts includes weird stuff, such as what I think about grades, what an opinion is, digital devices in the classroom, and how to read a scientific paper.

If you are looking for inspiration and reading material then I have this list of online books that cover a range of my interests.

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