DTEM440-Spring18 Readings & Material

DTEM4440 Privacy & Surveillance

This is very much a draft but it will be organized before term starts in Spring 2018. Until then its a notice board for organizing interesting/relevant material.

A good booklet on how many of our fundamental technologies work is McNamee et al, How the Internet Works: A guide for policy-makers. European Digital Rights. Also check out Julien Hopkins: How to Define Social Media – An Academic Summary.

Reasons Privacy Matter

EFF Surveillance Self Defense

Pearson J (2017 Digital Surveillance Is Class Warfare MotherBoard

Madden et al (2017) Privacy, Poverty and Big Data: A Matrix of Vulnerabilities for Poor Americans Data&Society

Kim, D. (2014) Social Media and Academic Surveillance: The Ethics of Digital Bodies, Model View Culture

Weinberg, J. (2017) The Real Costs of Cheap Surveillance. The Conversation

Ferenstein (2014) The Birth And Death Of Privacy: 3,000 Years of History Told Through 46 Images. Medium

Victor (2016) Study Urges Tougher Oversight for Police Use of Facial Recognition. The New York Times

Couldry (2016) The price of connection: ‘surveillance capitalism’ The Conversation

Shepard (2016) 5 reasons why surveillance is a feminist issue Gender IT

Bedoya (2016) The Color of Surveillance Slate

Eubanks (2014) Want to Predict the Future of Surveillance? Ask Poor Communities.

Astor (2017) Your Roomba May Be Mapping Your Home, Collecting Data That Could Be Shared. New York Times

Feeney (2017) When It Comes to Surveillance, Watch the Watchmen. New York Times