A small selection of lectures and presentations that I have given:

Public Platforms and Anonymity: Real Name Policies and Freedom of Speech, Internet Policy Observatory at University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Center for Global Communication Studies. November 2014.

Information is Correct, Knowledge is Relevant, Copyright & Culture Event Göteborg, Sweden, 2013.

Expressions in Code and Freedom Keynote Presentation at KDE Akademy Tallinn, Estonia 30/6-6/7, 2012.

Social Media – Control & Communication in Healthcare invited speaker Association of Occupational Therapists, Stockholm, Sweden. 2012.

Science, democracy & technology: Being Linnaean in the digital age, Presentation in Second Chamber of the Swedish Parliament. November 22, 2012.

Looking for Orwell, missing Huxley, or Why privacy law is failing, Keynote Internet und Gesellschaft, Co:llaboratory, Berlin, Germany. 2012.

Democracy cannot ignore technology, Presentation Technology Policy Think Tank, Swedish Parliament 2012.

Empowered Citizens or Digital Dairy Cows invited speaker Swedish Teachers Association, Stockholm, Sweden. 2012.

The Extroverted Reader LIBRIS invited speaker, Swedish Library Association, Stockholm. 2012.

Copyright – One size fits all?, invited speaker SERI, Oslo, Norway. 2011.

Dangerous Bits of Information, invited speaker, NOKIOS, Norwegian Conference for eGovernment, Trondheim, Norway. 2011.

Culture is Inevitable, Copyright is Not, invited speaker You are in Control, Reykjavik, Iceland. 2011.

Will copyright be saved? TEDxÖresund, Malmö, Sweden 14/5 2010.