The ethics of stealth photography

Taking pictures of unkonwn people is always tricky. Even if the law in Sweden allows public photography it always feels like an invasion of privacy to point a lens at someone. So first when I saw this strange periscope lens it made perfect sense.

Super Secret Spy Camera

So a periscope lens would prevent the photographer from being spotted. But using a periscope to take photographs actually seems even worse than pointing an ordinary lens on people. Ah, what an ethical dilemma…

To indulge

It’s black, phalic and sits nicely in my hand. It evokes feelings of joy and guilt at the same time. In what must be seen as a moment of total indulgence I bought a new lens for my camera. Yes I succumbed to the temptation I have carried with me for the past months and bought the Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5,6 IS USM. And the best thing is that it’s great! I just love it.

The magnification is a huge improvement and it has a really fast internal motor. It has also got me rearing to go out and take lots of photo’s this summer.