It's just a browser?

In less than three weeks from its launch Firefox 3.0 has been downloaded 28 million times (BBC report). Stop for a while and let that number sink in. 28 million downloads in three weeks. That translates to a lot of passionate users. But why? Why did so many people bother to download a new browser?

So OK, I downloaded a copy. But that still leaves almost 28 million others. Even if we subtract a decent number for the groupies, nerds, early adopters, tecchies and Open Source aficionados that still leaves a very, very, very large number of users who want to be among the first to use 3.0.

But why? It’s just a browser? Or is it? Obviously the tools with which we view the world have a great impact on the way in which the world is presented but it is doubtful that too many users consider this. And yet, can it be that even this group considers Firefox to be more than just a browser. Even though I doubt that all these users are ideologically motivated it is interesting to try to figure out why a browser arouses such interest and activity among users.

The browsers arriving at this blog are:

Internet Explorer 49%
Firefox 41%
Others 10%

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