London, Dublin

The recent lack of posts in the blog are not a sign of disinterest but more a question of lack of proper access to blogging technology. In the last few days I have been in London and Dublin. London is one of my favourite cities in the world and I try to be there on a regular basis. This trip was a very brief visit and no real time to visit my friends who live there. So if you are reading this post please forgive me and I will be back.

Besides the usual stuff I managed to go running on Hamstead Heath which was a great early morning experience. Naturally I also managed to do a bit of street art spotting and I came across this one near Oxford circus showing the pointlessness of CCTV.


I also think I spotted some Banksy from the taxi out but I could not be sure so it could be copies. Dublin is a great city and I have found lots of interesting stuff but I will have to write more later…

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