Off to bed soon. All the packing is done. The skibox is on the car and we are heading off to Trysil. The weather looks good (between -2 tomorrow and -13 on Monday) so my first skiing experience should be a good one. The main part of my first skiing will be cross country rather than alpine but I hope to try the latter as well.


Photo jmcunnin2000

Besides the fun of buying “functional” clothes and equipment that boggles the mind (for example ski wax!) their is a technique to be mastered (source wikipedia): herringbone, diagonal stride, double pole with kick, and double pole.

  • Herringbone: This technique is used for climbing steep hills. A walking or running action with splayed skis and without any glide. The poles are planted alternately behind the skis. A distinctive herringbone pattern is left in the snow.
  • Diagonal stride: An exaggerated running action with parallel skis and a glide on each stride. The poles are planted alternately on the opposite side to the kick. For experienced skiers this technique is used uphill. Less experienced skiers also employ the diagonal stride on the flat.
  • Double pole with kick: Both poles are planted simultaneously to give a powerful thrust. As the poles swing forwards again a single leg kick is made. This technique is used when the skier is still moving too quickly to diagonal stride, but is having difficulty double poling (typically on slight uphills or at the bottom of a long hill, just before switching to diagonal stride).
  • Double pole: As above but without the kick. During some long races, in reasonably flat terrain, competitors double pole for the majority of the course

So having purchased the clothes, looked up the information online and read-up on the technology I am prepared to go where I have never gone before and make a total ass of myself, again 🙂

Check out the Trysil webcam.

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